Acrylic Pouring Calculator


In the vibrant world of acrylic pouring, achieving the right consistency for your paint mixture is crucial for creating stunning artworks. The Acrylic Pouring Calculator comes to the rescue, providing artists with a precise tool to calculate the ideal ratios for their paint concoctions.

How to Use

Using the Acrylic Pouring Calculator is a breeze. Simply input the amounts of your chosen paint colors, medium, and any additives, and let the calculator do the rest. The result will be a perfect formula for your acrylic pouring mixture, ensuring optimal flow and stunning results in your artwork.


The formula utilized by the Acrylic Pouring Calculator takes into account the viscosity of your chosen acrylic paints, the medium used, and any additional elements like water or silicone oil. The algorithm calculates the ideal ratios to achieve the desired consistency for your pouring technique.


Let’s consider an example: You have two acrylic paint colors, a pouring medium, and a desire to include a touch of silicone oil for cell formation. Input the quantities of each component into the Acrylic Pouring Calculator, click “Calculate,” and voila! The calculator generates the perfect formula for your acrylic pouring mixture.


Q: Can I use the calculator for any brand of acrylic paint?

A: Yes, the Acrylic Pouring Calculator is versatile and can be used with any brand of acrylic paint.

Q: Is the calculated formula suitable for all pouring techniques?

A: The formula is designed to provide optimal consistency for various pouring techniques, but artists may adjust it based on personal preferences.


The Acrylic Pouring Calculator is a valuable tool for artists seeking precision in their acrylic pouring adventures. With its user-friendly interface and accurate calculations, it enhances the creative process and ensures that your acrylic pours are nothing short of spectacular.


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