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Calculating the cost of carry is essential in various financial and investment scenarios. Whether you are involved in futures trading or assessing the overall expenses of holding an asset, the cost of carry plays a crucial role. This article introduces a user-friendly Cost of Carry Calculator implemented in HTML and JavaScript.

How to Use

Simply enter the required values in the input fields, and the calculator will provide you with the accurate cost of carry. Follow the example section to understand the process better.


The formula for calculating the cost of carry is:


Suppose you are holding a financial instrument with a holding cost of $200, a transaction cost of $50, and an income from the asset of $100. The cost of carry would be calculated as follows:


Q: What is the significance of the cost of carry in trading?

A: The cost of carry helps traders assess the total expenses associated with holding an asset, providing valuable insights for decision-making.

Q: Can the calculator handle negative values for income from the asset?

A: Yes, the calculator accommodates negative values, representing a net cost rather than income.

Q: How often should I calculate the cost of carry?

A: It’s advisable to calculate the cost of carry regularly, especially when market conditions or asset holdings change.

Q: Is the calculator suitable for commodities trading?

A: Absolutely, the Cost of Carry Calculator can be used for various assets, including commodities.

Q: Can I use the calculator for both short and long positions? A: Yes, the calculator is versatile and can be used for both short and long positions.


In the realm of finance, understanding the cost of carry is crucial for making informed decisions. This Cost of Carry Calculator simplifies the process, providing a quick and accurate assessment of the associated expenses. Incorporate this tool into your financial toolkit for a comprehensive view of your investment scenarios.


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