Current Divider Rule Calculator


Calculating current in an electronic circuit is crucial for understanding and optimizing its performance. The Current Divider Rule Calculator simplifies this process, providing a convenient tool for engineers and hobbyists alike.

How to Use:

To utilize the Current Divider Rule Calculator, follow these simple steps:

  1. Input the total current (I_total) in the designated field.
  2. Enter the resistance values for each branch resistor.
  3. Click the “Calculate” button to obtain the current through each resistor.


The Current Divider Rule, a fundamental concept in electrical engineering, is expressed as follows:



Suppose we have a circuit with a total current (Itotal​) of 2 amperes and two resistors (R1​ and R2​) with values of 10 ohms and 20 ohms, respectively. The Current Divider Rule can be applied to find the currents through each resistor.


Q1: What is the Current Divider Rule?

A1: The Current Divider Rule is a formula used to calculate the current flowing through each branch of a parallel circuit.

Q2: Why is the Current Divider Rule important?

A2: It helps engineers analyze and design parallel circuits by determining the distribution of current among different paths.

Q3: Can the calculator handle more than two resistors?

A3: No, the provided calculator is designed for circuits with two resistors.

Q4: Are the results accurate for all types of circuits?

A4: The calculator assumes ideal conditions and linear behavior, providing accurate results for typical electronic circuits.


The Current Divider Rule Calculator is a valuable tool for anyone working with parallel circuits. By simplifying complex calculations, it facilitates efficient circuit design and analysis.


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