Diamond Mm to Carat Calculator


Calculating the carat weight of a diamond based on its millimeter dimensions is a crucial task for jewelers and gemologists. The Diamond Mm to Carat Calculator simplifies this process, providing an efficient tool for accurate results. In this article, we will guide you through using the calculator, explain the formula behind it, provide examples, address frequently asked questions, and conclude with the importance of this tool in the jewelry industry.

How to Use:

To use the Diamond Mm to Carat Calculator, simply enter the diamond’s length, width, and depth in millimeters. Click the “Calculate” button, and the tool will instantly display the corresponding carat weight. This user-friendly interface ensures quick and precise calculations, making it an essential resource for professionals in the diamond industry.


The calculation of carat weight from millimeter dimensions involves using the formula:

This formula is widely accepted in the jewelry trade for its accuracy and reliability in estimating the carat weight of a diamond based on its physical dimensions.


Suppose you have a diamond with the following measurements:

  • Length: 5.2 mm
  • Width: 5.2 mm
  • Depth: 3.1 mm

Using the formula:

The calculated carat weight will be displayed as the result.


Q: How accurate is the Diamond Mm to Carat Calculator?

A: The calculator is highly accurate, using a reliable formula widely accepted in the jewelry industry.

Q: Can I use this calculator for other gemstones?

A: The calculator is specifically designed for diamonds. Different gemstones may require different formulas.

Q: Why is the formula using the number 166?

A: The constant 166 is a conversion factor to estimate carat weight from millimeter dimensions accurately.

Q: Is this calculator suitable for irregularly shaped diamonds?

A: The calculator is most accurate for well-proportioned, traditional diamond shapes.


The Diamond Mm to Carat Calculator proves to be an invaluable tool for jewelers and gemologists, providing a quick and accurate method for estimating carat weight based on millimeter dimensions. Its simplicity and precision make it an essential asset in the jewelry industry.


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