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What is Evaporative Cooling Calculator?

An Evaporative Cooling Calculator is a useful tool that helps estimate the efficiency of an evaporative cooling system. This calculator uses two input parameters, namely the dry-bulb temperature and the outlet temperature, and outputs the change in temperature and efficiency percentage.

Formula for Evaporative Cooling Calculator

The formula used by the Evaporative Cooling Calculator is:

eff = (DB – OT) / ΔT


  • eff is the efficiency percentage
  • DB is the dry-bulb temperature
  • OT is the outlet temperature
  • ΔT is the change in temperature (DB – OT)

Example of Evaporative Cooling Calculation

Suppose the dry-bulb temperature is 35°C and the outlet temperature is 30°C. The change in temperature would be:

ΔT = 35°C – 30°C = 5°C

Using the formula, the efficiency percentage would be:

eff = (35°C – 30°C) / 5°C * 100% = 100%

Thus, the evaporative cooling system is 100% efficient in this example.

How to Use the Evaporative Cooling Calculator

To use the Evaporative Cooling Calculator, simply enter the dry-bulb temperature and the outlet temperature in their respective input fields. Upon submitting the form, the calculator will output the change in temperature and the efficiency percentage.


What is the difference between dry-bulb temperature and outlet temperature?

Dry-bulb temperature refers to the ambient air temperature, while outlet temperature refers to the temperature of the air coming out of the evaporative cooling system.

Why is efficiency important in evaporative cooling systems?

Efficiency is important because it indicates how well the evaporative cooling system is able to cool the air while using less energy compared to other cooling systems.

Can the Evaporative Cooling Calculator be used for all types of evaporative cooling systems?

Yes, the Evaporative Cooling Calculator can be used for any type of evaporative cooling system as long as the input parameters are the dry-bulb temperature and the outlet temperature.

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Evaporative Cooling Calculator


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