FTP (Functional Threshold Power) Calculator


What is FTP (Functional Threshold Power) Calculator?

An FTP calculator is a tool used by cyclists to calculate their Functional Threshold Power (FTP), which is a measure of the maximum power output they can sustain for one hour. This is a critical metric for cyclists to optimize their training and racing performance.

Formula for Calculating FTP

The formula for calculating FTP is as follows: FTP = 0.93 x 20-minute average power. This formula is based on the assumption that an individual’s FTP is 95% of their average power output during a 20-minute time trial.

Example Calculation of FTP

Suppose an individual’s 20-minute average power output during a time trial is 250 watts. Using the formula above, their FTP would be calculated as follows:

FTP = 0.93 x 20 x 250 = 4,650 watts

Therefore, this individual’s FTP is 4,650 watts.

How to Calculate FTP

To calculate FTP using an FTP calculator, an individual first needs to perform a 20-minute time trial to determine their average power output over that time period. They can then input that average power into the calculator, and the tool will use the formula above to calculate their FTP.


What is a good FTP for a cyclist?

The average FTP for a recreational cyclist is between 2.5-3.5 watts/kg, while elite cyclists can have an FTP upwards of 5-6 watts/kg.

How often should I test my FTP?

It is recommended to test FTP every 4-6 weeks to monitor training progress and adjust training zones accordingly.

Can I improve my FTP?

Yes, FTP can be improved through consistent training and proper nutrition. Incorporating interval training and strength training can also help increase FTP.

In conclusion

An FTP calculator is an essential tool for cyclists to determine their FTP and optimize their training and racing performance. By using the formula mentioned above and inputting their average power output during a 20-minute time trial, cyclists can easily calculate their FTP and set training goals accordingly.


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