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Heat Flow:


What is Heat Flow Calculator?

A heat flow calculator is a simple yet powerful tool used for thermal analysis in various fields such as building construction, HVAC design, and materials engineering. This calculator helps to determine the amount of heat energy that is transferred through a material or system, based on the temperature difference, R-value, and overall heat transfer coefficient.

Formula and Calculation

The formula used by the heat flow calculator is as follows:

Heat Flow (HF) = Temperature Difference (dT) / (R-value x Overall Heat Transfer Coefficient (HTC))

For example, suppose we have a temperature difference of 10°C, an R-value of 3 m²K/W, and an overall heat transfer coefficient of 2 W/m²K. Using the above formula, we can calculate the heat flow as:

HF = 10 / (3 x 2) = 1.67 W/m²

Therefore, the heat flow through the material or system is 1.67 watts per square meter.

How to Calculate Heat Flow

To use the heat flow calculator, we need to input the temperature difference, R-value, and overall heat transfer coefficient into the corresponding fields. Then, we click on the “Calculate Heat Flow” button, and the calculator will display the heat flow value on the screen.


What is an R-value?

An R-value is a measure of the resistance of a material to heat flow. It is commonly used in building construction to determine the energy efficiency of insulation materials.

How does the overall heat transfer coefficient affect heat flow?

The overall heat transfer coefficient represents the combined effect of all heat transfer mechanisms involved in a system. A higher overall heat transfer coefficient means that heat flows more easily through the material or system.

What is the unit of heat flow?

The unit of heat flow is watts per square meter (W/m²), which represents the amount of heat energy transferred through a unit area in a unit time.


The heat flow calculator is a useful tool that can help engineers, architects, and researchers to determine the heat transfer characteristics of a material or system. By using the formula and calculation method described above, we can easily calculate the heat flow and gain valuable insights into thermal performance.


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