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Calculating the heat index is crucial for assessing the combined impact of temperature and humidity on human perception of temperature. In this article, we’ll delve into creating a simple yet effective Heat Index Calculator using HTML and JavaScript. This tool will provide an accurate estimation of the apparent temperature, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of environmental conditions.

How to Use

To utilize the Heat Index Calculator, enter the temperature in Fahrenheit and the relative humidity percentage into the designated input fields. After inputting the values, click the “Calculate” button to obtain the heat index result. This will help you gauge the perceived temperature, considering the combined effect of heat and humidity.


The formula for calculating the heat index is intricate, involving multiple steps. The most accurate formula, devised by George Winterling, is as follows:


  • is the heat index,
  • is the temperature in Fahrenheit,
  • is the relative humidity (expressed as a decimal), and
  • are coefficients specific to the formula.


Let’s consider an example where the temperature is 90°F and the relative humidity is 60%. Plugging these values into the formula, we can find the heat index.

After calculating the above expression, the result will be the heat index corresponding to the given temperature and humidity.


Q1: How accurate is the heat index calculation?

A1: The heat index calculation is highly accurate when using the Winterling formula, providing a comprehensive assessment of perceived temperature.

Q2: Can I use the calculator for Celsius temperatures?

A2: The current calculator is designed for Fahrenheit temperatures. To adapt it for Celsius, conversion factors would need to be applied to the formula.

Q3: Why is the heat index important?

A3: The heat index is crucial for assessing the potential health risks associated with high temperatures and humidity, helping individuals take necessary precautions.


Creating a Heat Index Calculator using HTML and JavaScript allows for a quick and accurate assessment of the combined impact of temperature and humidity. This tool aids in understanding the perceived temperature, facilitating informed decisions regarding outdoor activities and safety measures.


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