Heat Tape Calculator


What is Heat Tape Calculator?

In order to determine the correct size of heat strip based on the system voltage and power, a heat tape calculator can be used. By calculating the correct heat strip size, users can ensure that their heating system operates efficiently and effectively by preventing pipes and other equipment from freezing in cold temperatures.

Formula Used in Heat Tape Calculator

The formula used to calculate the heat strip size in the heat tape calculator is:

HSS = V * A / 1000 * 3413


  • HSS: Heat Strip Size in BTU

  • V: System Voltage in Volts

  • A: System Power in Amps

  • 3413: Conversion factor for Watts to BTU/hour

Example of Using the Formula

Suppose a user has a heating system that operates at a system voltage of 120 volts and a system power of 10 amps. To calculate the heat strip size, they can use the formula:

HSS = 120 * 10 / 1000 * 3413 = 41.19 BTU

Therefore, the appropriate heat strip size for their system would be 41.19 BTU.

How to Use the Heat Tape Calculator

A user must enter the system voltage and power values into the calculator’s input fields in order to use the heat tape calculator. Once the values have been entered, users can click the “Calculate” button to determine the heat strip size. Below the button is a text field that displays the result.

FAQs about Heat Tape Calculator

What is heat tape?

Heat tape is a heating element that is used to prevent pipes and other equipment from freezing in cold temperatures.

How does the heat tape calculator work?

The heat tape calculator uses the system voltage and system power values entered by the user to calculate the heat strip size using the formula: HSS = V * A / 1000 * 3413.

What is the unit of measurement for heat strip size?

Heat strip size is measured in BTU (British Thermal Units).


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