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Calculating insolation, or the amount of solar radiation reaching a given area, is crucial for various applications, including renewable energy systems and environmental studies. In this article, we will guide you through the creation of a simple yet effective Insolation Calculator using HTML and JavaScript.

How to Use

To utilize the Insolation Calculator, input the relevant parameters, and click the “Calculate” button. The result will be displayed within the form.


Insolation is calculated using the formula:


  • Solar Constant: The solar radiation received per unit area outside Earth’s atmosphere.
  • Day Length: The duration of sunlight in a day.
  • Solar Declination: The angle between the rays of the sun and the plane of Earth’s equator.
  • Latitude: The angular distance of a location north or south of the equator.


Let’s consider an example where the Solar Constant is 1361 W/m², Day Length is 12 hours, Solar Declination is 23.5 degrees, and Latitude is 40 degrees.

After calculating this expression, you’ll obtain the insolation value.


Q1: What is the Solar Constant?

A1: The Solar Constant is the amount of solar radiation received per unit area outside Earth’s atmosphere.

Q2: How is Solar Declination calculated?

A2: Solar Declination is determined based on Earth’s axial tilt and its orbit around the sun.

Q3: Why is Latitude a crucial parameter?

A3: Latitude affects the angle at which solar radiation reaches a location, influencing its insolation.


Creating an Insolation Calculator allows for quick and accurate determination of solar radiation, aiding in energy-related projects and environmental assessments. By understanding the formula and its parameters, users can gain valuable insights into the available solar energy at a specific location.


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