Paint Ratio Calculator


What is Paint Ratio Calculator?

A Paint Ratio Calculator is a tool used to calculate the proper ratio of paint to thinner required for a specific paint job. This calculator helps to determine the right amount of paint and thinner to use to get the best result.


The formula for calculating the Paint Ratio (PR) is:

PR:1 = PB/PT

Where: PR:1 = Paint Ratio PB = Parts Base PT = Parts Thinner


If you have 4 parts of base and 1 part of thinner, the paint ratio can be calculated as:

PR:1 = 4/1 = 4:1

This means that for every 4 parts of base, 1 part of thinner is required.

How to Calculate:

To use the Paint Ratio Calculator, you need to input the values of the Parts Base and Parts Thinner into the corresponding fields. Then click the “Calculate” button to get the Paint Ratio in the format of X:1.

What is a paint ratio calculator used for?

A paint ratio calculator is used to determine the ratio of two components used in paint mixing. In particular, it is used to calculate the amount of base paint and thinner needed to achieve a desired consistency and viscosity. This is an important step in ensuring that the paint mixture is consistent and accurate, and can lead to better overall results in the painting process.

How do I use a paint ratio calculator?

Using a paint ratio calculator is easy! Simply enter the amount of parts base and parts thinner you have into the calculator, and click the “Calculate” button. The calculator will then provide you with the paint ratio, which represents the amount of parts base per one part thinner. This ratio can be used to mix paint accurately and achieve the desired consistency.


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