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What is Percent Abundance Calculator?

A Percent Abundance Calculator is a tool used to calculate the percentage of an isotope present in an element’s naturally occurring sample. It uses a simple formula to determine the relative abundance of different isotopes based on their atomic mass and the mass of the element.


The formula used to calculate the percent abundance is:

Percent Abundance = (Mass of Isotope / Average Atomic Mass) x 100%

For example, let’s say you have an element with an average atomic mass of 20 grams and a mass of the isotope of 16 grams. You can calculate the percent abundance using the formula:

Percent Abundance = (16 g / 20 g) x 100% = 80%

This means that 80% of the element’s naturally occurring sample is composed of the isotope with a mass of 16 grams.


To calculate the percent abundance of an isotope, follow these steps:

  1. Find the average atomic mass of the element.
  2. Determine the mass of the isotope you want to find the percent abundance for.
  3. Plug these values into the formula: Percent Abundance = (Mass of Isotope / Average Atomic Mass) x 100%
  4. Calculate the result and express it as a percentage.


What is percent abundance?

Percent abundance is the relative amount of a particular isotope in an element’s naturally occurring sample, expressed as a percentage of the total mass of the element.

Why is percent abundance important?

Percent abundance is important in determining the atomic weight of an element, which is used in many scientific calculations and experiments.

How is percent abundance measured?

Percent abundance is typically measured through mass spectrometry, a technique that separates isotopes based on their mass-to-charge ratio.

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Percent Abundance Calculator


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