Point of Elasticity Calculator

Point of Elasticity Calculator


Welcome to the Point of Elasticity Calculator, a powerful tool designed to help you determine the point at which the elasticity of a curve changes. Whether you are a student studying economics or a professional in the business world, understanding elasticity is crucial for making informed decisions.

How to Use

Using the Point of Elasticity Calculator is straightforward. Simply input the initial and final values for both quantity and price in the designated fields below. Once entered, click the “Calculate” button to obtain the precise point of elasticity.


The point of elasticity is determined by the following formula:


Let’s consider an example: If the initial quantity is 100 units, the final quantity is 80 units, the initial price is $50, and the final price is $60, the point of elasticity can be calculated as follows:


Q: Why is understanding elasticity important?

A: Elasticity helps businesses predict how changes in price or quantity will affect revenue.

Q: Can this calculator be used for any type of elasticity?

A: Yes, it can be applied to both price elasticity of demand and supply.

Q: What does a point of elasticity less than 1 signify?

A: If the point of elasticity is less than 1, it indicates inelasticity, meaning quantity is less responsive to price changes.


In conclusion, the Point of Elasticity Calculator provides a quick and accurate way to analyze the responsiveness of quantity to price changes. Whether you’re a student or professional, this tool enhances your decision-making abilities in economics and business.


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