Supercharger RPM Calculator

What is Supercharger RPM Calculator?

A Supercharger RPM Calculator is a tool used to calculate the RPM (revolutions per minute) of a supercharger based on the size of the crank pulley, the size of the supercharger pulley, and the engine RPM. This tool is popular among car enthusiasts who are interested in increasing the horsepower and torque output of their engines.

Formula for Supercharger RPM Calculation

The formula used in the Supercharger RPM Calculator is:



  • SCRPM is the supercharger RPM
  • CD is the diameter of the crank pulley (inches)
  • SCD is the diameter of the supercharger pulley (inches)
  • ERPM is the engine RPM

Example Calculation

Let’s say you have a crank pulley diameter of 6 inches, a supercharger pulley diameter of 3 inches, and an engine RPM of 6000. To calculate the supercharger RPM, you would use the formula as follows:

SCRPM = 6/3 * 6000 = 12000

Therefore, the supercharger RPM in this example would be 12,000 RPM.

How to Calculate Supercharger RPM

To use the Supercharger RPM Calculator, you need to know the diameter of your crank pulley and supercharger pulley, as well as the engine RPM. Once you have these values, you can simply enter them into the calculator and click the “Calculate” button. The calculator will then use the formula to calculate the supercharger RPM, which will be displayed on the screen.


What is a supercharger?

A supercharger is a device that forces air into the engine of a vehicle, increasing the amount of oxygen available for combustion and thus increasing engine power and torque.

How does a smaller supercharger pulley affect supercharger RPM?

A smaller supercharger pulley will increase the supercharger RPM, resulting in more boost and potentially more power. However, it may also put additional strain on the supercharger and engine components.

How accurate is the Supercharger RPM Calculator?

The accuracy of the Supercharger RPM Calculator depends on the accuracy of the input values and the precision of the formula used. However, the calculator can provide a good estimate of the supercharger RPM and is a useful tool for boost enthusiasts.


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