Thermal Efficiency Calculator


What is Thermal Efficiency Calculator?

The ratio of the work performed by a system and the heat energy that is input to it is called thermal efficiency. This parameter is critical in many engineering applications such as power generation, refrigeration and heating. The Thermal Efficiency Calculator calculates the system’s thermal efficiency using inputs such as heat input and workout output. We will be discussing the formula and how to use it.


The formula to increase thermal efficiency is:

eth = W/Q

Where: eth = Thermal Efficiency W = Workout Output Quant = Heat Input

Calculation Example

Let’s say that a system has a workout output at 5000 J, and requires heat input at 8000 J. Here are the steps to calculate the Thermal Efficiency of the system:

eth = W / Q eth = 5000 / 8000 eth = 0.625 eth = 62.5%

The system’s Thermal Efficiency is therefore 62.5%.

Calculating the Price

These are the steps to use the Thermal Efficiency Calculator

  1. In the input field, enter the Workout Output value (J).
  2. The input field will ask you to enter the Heat Input value (J).
  3. Click on the “Calculate” button.
  4. The output field will display the value of Thermal Efficiency (%).


What is Thermal Efficiency?

The effectiveness of a system’s conversion of input heat energy into useful work is determined by its Thermal Efficiency. High Thermal Efficiency means that the system uses the input energy efficiently, reduces waste, and improves performance.

What factors affect Thermal Efficiency? 

The type of fuel used, design, operating conditions and maintenance all affect the Thermal Efficiency of a system.

What are the units for Thermal Efficiency? 

The percentage of thermal efficiency is the ratio between the work performed and the heat energy input.


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