Total Loss Calculator


What is Total Loss Calculator?

A Total Loss Calculator is a tool used to determine the percentage of loss in value of a damaged property, such as a vehicle, by comparing the cost of repair with its actual cash value. An insurance claim is based on this calculation as it helps determine whether a damaged property should be repaired or declared a total loss. A total loss occurs when repair costs exceed a specified percentage of the property’s actual cash value.

Formula for Total Loss Calculator

The formula for calculating the total loss percentage is:

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TL = RC/ACV * 100


  • TL is the total loss percentage

  • RC is the repair cost of the damaged property

  • ACV is the actual cash value of the property

How to use Total Loss Calculator

To use a Total Loss Calculator, you need to input the repair cost and actual cash value of the damaged property into the calculator. Once the values are inputted, the calculator will apply the formula and calculate the total loss percentage. The result will be displayed on the calculator.

Example of Total Loss Calculator

Suppose the repair cost of a damaged vehicle is $8,000 and its actual cash value is $20,000. To calculate the total loss percentage, we would use the formula:

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TL = 8,000/20,000 * 100 TL = 0.4 * 100 TL = 40%

Therefore, the total loss percentage for the damaged vehicle is 40%.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the difference between a total loss and a repairable vehicle?

A total loss is a damaged property that is beyond repair or where the cost of repair exceeds a certain percentage of the actual cash value of the property. A repairable vehicle is a damaged property that can be repaired and restored to its pre-damaged condition.

How does an insurance company determine the actual cash value of a damaged property?

The actual cash value of a damaged property is determined by taking into account various factors such as the age, condition, mileage, and market value of the property.

Can a total loss vehicle still be insured?

Yes, a total loss vehicle can still be insured, but the coverage will vary depending on the insurance company and the state regulations. Some insurance companies may offer coverage for a total loss vehicle under a salvage title, which may have limitations and restrictions.


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