VT Ratio Calculator


What is VT Ratio Calculator?

It uses the formula below to determine the voltage transformer (VT) ratio given the primary voltage and secondary voltage of a transformer.

VT = PV / SV

where VT is the VT ratio, PV is the primary voltage, and SV is the secondary voltage.


Suppose we have a transformer with a primary voltage of 110 kV and a secondary voltage of 110 V. To calculate the VT ratio using the formula above, we have:

VT = 110 kV / 110 V = 1000

Therefore, the VT ratio of the transformer is 1000.

How to Calculate the VT Ratio

To use the VT Ratio Calculator, simply enter the values of the primary voltage and secondary voltage of the transformer into the input fields provided, and click on the “Calculate” button. The calculator will then use the formula above to determine the VT ratio of the transformer and display the result in the output field.


What is a VT ratio?

A VT ratio is the ratio of the primary voltage to the secondary voltage of a transformer. It is used in electrical engineering to determine the voltage level of a power system.

Why is the VT ratio important?

The VT ratio is important in electrical engineering because it determines the voltage level of a power system. It is used to measure voltage, current, and power in high voltage systems.

How does the VT ratio affect transformer performance?

The VT ratio affects transformer performance by determining the voltage level of the power system. If the VT ratio is incorrect, it can result in overvoltage or undervoltage conditions that can damage the transformer or other electrical equipment.


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