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What is Watts Per Kilo Calculator?

A Watts Per Kilo (WPK) Calculator is a tool that is commonly used by athletes to measure their athletic performance in activities such as cycling, running, and rowing. This calculator allows athletes to track their progress over time and make necessary adjustments to their training regimen. In this article, we will discuss the formula used by the calculator, how to use it, and some frequently asked questions.


The formula used to calculate Watts Per Kilo is simple:

WPK = Watts / Total Weight (kg)


Let’s say an athlete generates 300 watts of power while cycling and weighs 75 kg. To calculate their WPK, we would use the formula:

WPK = 300 watts / 75 kg = 4 W/K

Therefore, the athlete’s WPK would be 4 W/K.

How to Calculate

To calculate your own WPK, you will need to know your power output in watts and your total weight in kilograms. Once you have these two numbers, simply divide your power output by your total weight in kilograms to get your WPK. It is recommended to take multiple measurements over time to track progress and identify trends.


What is a good WPK for cycling?

A good WPK for cycling can vary depending on factors such as age, gender, and experience. However, in general, a WPK of 3-4 is considered good for amateur cyclists, while professional cyclists can have WPK values upwards of 6-7.

How can I improve my WPK?

To improve your WPK, you can focus on increasing your power output while reducing your total weight. This can be achieved through a combination of strength training, endurance training, and a healthy diet.

Can I use the WPK Calculator for other sports besides cycling?

Yes, the WPK Calculator can be used for other sports such as running, rowing, and cross-country skiing. The formula remains the same: WPK = Watts / Total Weight (kg).


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